IWC 2018 Tranche 1 Awards

IWC Tranche 1 2018 Results Announced

Christmas Arrives Early – Premier Estates Wines Win A Further 8 IWC Awards

At Budge Brands we’re celebrating the early arrival of Christmas as we received the results for the Premier Estates Wine entries into the International Wine Challenge (IWC), tranche 1 – 2018. Our wines have been awarded another eight medals – a result of which we are extremely proud.

Eight more awards brings our wine range medal total up to 69 separate awards for quality. All these awards been granted by some of the wine world’s most highly regarded experts at the most fiercely contended wine quality competitions in the industry. We are delighted to be able to demonstrate to our customers that we continue to supply top quality, highly regarded wines at everyday prices.

This is the 34th year for The International Wine Challenge (IWC) and it is universally accepted as one of the world’s most stringently judged wine competitions in which each wine is “blind tasted” and assessed for its close adherence to variety, the style of the originating region and the vintage. During the meticulous judging process, every wine is sampled by at least 10 different judges on three separate occasions.

Budge Dhariwal, the Managing Director of Budge Brands, had this to say about the latest awards for Premier Estates Wines, ‘It can be quite a daunting prospect to have our wines sampled by some of wine industry’s foremost experts, but, once more, our R&D team have risen to the challenge and we’re immensely proud of the results, especially for the award given to our Grand Rosé which is fantastically popular with our customers. We are filled with confidence that our ongoing success in such a fiercely contended competition as The International Wine Challenge will serve only to highlight the fact that our wines are an excellent purchase for those looking for a very good quality, excellent value bottle of wine.’

Bronze Medals were awarded to our Cava Brut & Prosecco Extra Dry and commendations were awarded to our Australia Chardonnay, California Cabernet Sauvignon, California Chardonnay, Chile Merlot, South Africa Pinotage & our best-selling Grand Rosé.

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2017 IWSC Bronze Awards


IWSC Bronze Awards For Premier Estates Wine’s Chilean and South African Wines

We are very proud indeed to announce that Premier Estates Wine’s Chilean Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc and also the South African Chenin Blanc and Pinotage, have all won Bronze Medals at the International Wine & Spirit Competition.

The International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) first ran in 1969 and takes place annually. Each year the IWSC is inundated with entries from over 80 countries worldwide. IWSC awards are very much coveted throughout the wine industry and are much revered by the world’s wine consumers. The competition takes place over two stages; a blind tasting session, involving some of the wine industry’s foremost experts, and a technical analysis of the liquid by a specialist independent laboratory. The competition is judged by over 250 specialists from all over the world. Many of these judges are Masters of Wine, some are winemakers and others are trade experts, each judging in their particular field of expertise.

Budge Dhariwal, Managing Director, says, ‘I was immensely proud when the IWSC awards were sent out and we were awarded the bronze medals for our New World Wines as I have experienced, in intimate detail, the serious effort that goes into perfecting each wine and its manufacturing method. Winning Bronze Medals for these wines is amazing and gratifying news, they have each been multi-award medal winners previously but winning further IWSC Bronze medals is a very reassuring achievement as it demonstrates the consistency of product quality in these wines. The numerous award wins over the last 4 years for the Premier Estates range will certainly ensure our wines hold the attention of a large proportion of the wine buying public who are looking for award winning wines but at a sensible and inexpensive price level.’

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Silver IWSC badge for Prosecco


Silver Medal Winning Prosecco at an Everyday Price

We are absolutely thrilled to be able to maintain the Premier Estates mantra of ‘Award Winning Wines at Everyday Prices’ as our hugely popular multi-award-winning Prosecco has just been awarded a Silver Medal by the International Wine & Spirit Competition.

The International Wine & Spirit Competition is an annual wine competition founded in 1969 and each year the competition receives entries from over 80 countries worldwide. The awards given by the competition are considered as high honours indeed, throughout the wine industry.

The Competition runs a structured and rigorous two-stage judging process. Firstly using the ‘double blind’ judging method, meaning samples are tasted in pre-poured numbered glasses so that judges never see a bottle. The second stage of the judging is the detailed chemical and microbiological analysis which is undertaken by an independent third party to identify products that may not be the true representation of the product that consumers would buy from the shelf.

This is now the 8th separate award won by Premier Estates Prosecco and this hopefully goes some way to demonstrate the extremely high level of standards we maintain from our wine making team – long may it continue!

Budge Dhariwal, Managing Director, says, ‘We’re so happy that we’ve won a Silver Medal for the Premier Estates Prosecco, it’s always been a major success story in respect of sales and for it to finally win a Silver Medal is wonderful news. We will keep working closely with our wine manufacturers to ensure that the outstanding level of quality we’ve enjoyed is maintained, we hope the wine buyers out there are now seeing that the entire Premier Estates range of wines gives the very highest quality at a true, everyday price point.’

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Silver IWSC Awards


More Silver medals for Premier Estates Wine!

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that the Premier Estates Cava and California Chardonnay have just been awarded Silver Medals by the International Wine & Spirit Competition.
These Silver Medals follow hot on the heels of the Premier Estates range winning no fewer than nine new awards at the Decanter World Wine Awards and then a mighty ten in tranche two of the International Wine Challenge (IWC) 2017.

The International Wine & Spirit Competition is an annual wine competition founded in 1969, each year the competition receives entries from over 80 countries worldwide. The awards given by the competition are considered as high honours in the wine industry. The judging process is done in two stages; blind tasting, and detailed technical analysis by an independent laboratory. The competition makes use of over 250 specialist judges from all over the world. Many are Masters of Wine, some are winemakers or distillers, others are trade specialists, each judging in their special field.

Budge Dhariwal, Managing Director, says, ‘Whilst still celebrating the awards won a few days ago from the IWC and Decanter, the IWSC ones were announced delivering a fantastic pair of Silver Medals. To win Silver Medals for both the Premier Estates Cava and California Chardonnay is absolutely fantastic news, they’ve both been multi-award medal winners in the past but 2 more Silver Medals is a fantastic achievement. The recent run of award wins for the Premier Estates range will hopefully be bringing our wines to the attention of more of the wine buying public showing that award winning wines are within their budget, whatever that may be.’

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19 More Awards for the Premier Estates Wine Range

The results were announced over the last couple of days for the International Wine Challenge (IWC), tranche 2 – 2017 and the Decanter World Wine Awards 2017. Once again the Premier Estates Wine range appears to have done rather well, winning no fewer than nine new awards at the Decanter World Wine Awards and then a mighty ten at tranche two of the International Wine Challenge (IWC) 2017.

This ongoing streak of award-wins from the world’s finest and most fastidiously judged drinks competitions reinforces our philosophy that you can have fantastic quality, highly esteemed wines at affordable, everyday prices. We often use the words ‘Awards Winning Wines at Everyday Prices’ to describe the Premier Estates range, it is therefore incredibly rewarding that four of the latest award winners are from the Premier Estates Italian Range, where prices start from a mere £5.99.

Budge Dhariwal, Managing Director, states, ‘I’m always a bit apprehensive when award season comes around as although I know that our team and our customers love our wines, it’s another thing altogether having them tasted by some of world’s top wine experts. Once again the Premier Estates range has not let us down and we’re particularly proud of the awards given to the Italian wines. This hopefully reconfirms the exacting level of quality that we expect from our winemakers and evidences just how well they meet our standards. We are confident that our continued success in such highly regarded competitions will underline the fact that a Premier Estates Wine is a safe bet when you’re looking for a high quality bottle of wine at an everyday price.’
The Bronze Medal winners are Australia Chardonnay (IWC), Cava Brut (IWC & Decanter), Prosecco Extra Dry (Decanter) & Australia Shiraz (Decanter). Commendations were awarded to Australia Chardonnay, Chile Merlot & Chile Sauvignon Blanc, Italy Garganega Pinot Grigio, Pinot Grigio Blush, Inzolia Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc & Prosecco Extra Dry, South Africa Chenin Blanc, Pinotage & Shiraz Rosé.

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Awards Success for Premier Estates Wine

The team at Premier Estates Wine have been eagerly awaiting the results of the International Wine Challenge (IWC), Tranche 1 – 2017, and the results are in at last! Once more, the Premier Estates range came away with a great haul of 5 new awards.

Yet More Awards for Premier Estates Multi Award Winning Prosecco

This is the fourth time the Premier Estates Prosecco has won an award and this is an immense achievement given the staggering amount of competition it faces in the sparkling wine arena.
Anyone with a little interest in the wine world will have heard about the explosion in worldwide Prosecco sales and the industry has stepped up to meet customer demand in a big way. This has resulted in the arrival of hundreds of different cut price brands of Prosecco on the supermarket and off licence shelves and popping up for sale online. When competition is fierce, companies need to find a way to set their products apart from the masses and what better way to do this than enter their Prosecco product into a highly regarded and enormously prestigious competition? An award from the IWC is a seriously highly coveted commendation for any wine.

Premier Estates Wine’s Cava Sparkling Wine Sensation Triumphs Once More

The rising star that is Premier Estates sparkling Spanish Cava has once again come out on top winning its fourth award and catching up with the Premier Estates Prosecco. Wine consumers the world over have been avidly exploring sparkling wines other than Prosecco in an effort to find that balance between sweetness and dryness. Cava is an excellent slightly more acidic alternative to Prosecco. Whereas Cava tends to have more of a citrus taste and bouquet, Prosecco is usually more at the sweet apples and pears end of the fruit spectrum. As previously mentioned, the last few years have seen a huge rise in sales of sparkling wine and it’s Prosecco and Cava that top the list.

Another Award for Premier Estates Chilean Champ

The first of 3 still wines to win an award is the Premier Estates Chilean Sauvignon Blanc with medals from this year’s International Wine and Spirits Competition and the International Wine Challenge. This crisp, dry wine with its citrus and passion fruit hints is a big seller for Premier Estates Wine and there’s a very large number of regular buyers who just can’t get enough of it.

South African Rosé Wins Again

Another of the Premier Estates range that’s always so popular with the IWC experts is the South African Shiraz Rosé. This one tends to be an all year round best seller and not just a summer favourite as is the case with many rosés. It’s a real pleasure to see this one win an award from the IWC because it’s also a big office favourite that works on its own.

Awesome Australian Red

It also makes us very proud to win an award for the amazing Premier Estates Australian Shiraz as our wine production team have worked tirelessly to refine this product in order to outshine the competition. Our Shiraz is an equally wonderful accompaniment to a traditional turkey Christmas dinner or a Christmas steak alternative as many of us prefer.

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Cava Sparkling Wine - Triple Award Winner

Premier Estates Wine Spanish Cava – A Triple Award Winner

The Premier Estates Wine Team have recently been putting a huge amount of effort into the refinement and perfection of their Spanish Cava Sparkling Wine and in fine tuning its production process. The team has always taken great pride in supplying very high quality wines to its customers, at a competitive and affordable price but balancing these two credentials has always been a huge challenge.

All the hard work has recently paid off in style, however, following the entry of the Spanish Cava into the widely renowned and well respected International Wine Challenge (IWC), International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) and the Decanter Wine Awards (DWA). The team were all extremely proud when the Premier Estates Cava came away with an award from each body. A bronze award was gained from the IWC and IWSC and a much coveted silver award was gained from the DWA.

These awards are held in such high regard in the wine industry as they are granted following 3 blind tasting sessions held at different times of the day and the verdicts are expressed by some of the wine industry’s foremost experts. The competition in each sector is fierce with many of the world’s finest wine makers extremely keen to have their products officially endorsed. The value associated with such an award in terms of reinforcement of brand confidence amongst consumers and also reassurance for existing customers, is immeasurable. The Premier Estates Wine team are, understandably, very proud of their achievement and have been inspired to target further successes with their wine ranges following an amazingly successful 2015 and 2016.

Premier Estates Spanish Cava is produced according to strict Spanish wine authority guidelines. The use of the word “Cava” on the wine label is only allowed for wines manufactured using the traditional method or “la méthode champenoise” using a blend of Macabeo, Xarel-lo and Parellada grapes grown in the vineyards of the Penedès Spanish wine making region of Catalonia. The effects that the sun, amount of rain and the general chemical composition of the soil in these particular vineyards has on the grapes grown in them, is what makes Cava so very different from Champagne or Prosecco in terms of taste, aroma and bouquet. The grapes that make Premier Estates Wine Sparkling Cava are sourced from the finest crops from these vineyards.

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Sparkling Wine Sales Top 1 Billion

Sparkling Wine Sales Top £1 Billion in the UK

A fantastic surge in sparkling wine demand has seen sales double in volume since 2012. Last year, UK consumers purchased a staggering 80 million litres, that’s enough to fill more than 3 Olympic sized swimming pools. This incredible growth in demand is mainly due to the increasing popularity of Prosecco which has become the “trendy” drink, whether consumers are out at a wine bar or nightclub, at a social event or relaxing at home. It gives a feeling of decadence as sparkling wine is normally associated with celebrations where a little extravagance is often provided.

Whilst it is clear that the popularity of Prosecco is responsible for the buoyancy of the sparkling wine market at the moment, the industry has also seen a rise in sales of other sparkling wines such as Cava and Grand Rosé. As the weather improves, we should see a rise in demand for these products, but it’s been steadily improving year on year for the last 5 years, and not just for Premier Estates Wine, but for many UK based wine producers.

Champagne sales are also on the up and, surprisingly, the UK is currently the number one export market. The end of 2015 saw a sharp rise in sales of Champagne, although not as much of an increase as sales of sparkling wines which are maintaining their current popularity over Champagne. The popularity of sparkling wine over Champagne is likely to be due to the lower cost of a bottle of Prosecco, Cava or Grand Rosé and the fact that they tend to have a broader appeal amongst wine drinkers as they are lighter, more fruity beverages than Champagne.

Finally, the 2016 budget saw wine duty rise by inflation but the UK sparkling wine industry has the benefit of the assistance of Miles Beale, the chief executive for the Wine and Spirit Trade Association. Mr Beale is currently fighting for the wine industry by asking the Chancellor of the Exchequer to cut tax on wine. This would mean that UK drinkers get a better deal and it would also benefit the Exchequer as it would bring in more revenue as was proven in 2015.

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Order Single Bottle Free Delivery

Free Delivery now available on single bottles purchased on the Premier Estates Wine website

Premier Estates Wine has launched the option of purchasing a single bottle of any of their wines with FREE delivery included.

The philosophy is that customers will be so impressed after sampling the single bottle that they will then order a case of wine at a later date.
So, why not sample a few different bottles? The single wine bottle offer extends to all wines available on the Premier Estates Wine website, both still and sparkling. So, if you’re normally a Chardonnay drinker, you have the perfect opportunity to try a single wine bottle of their award winning Prosecco. Find your favourites and you can then order a mixed case and save even more money.

All single bottle deals from Premier Estates Wine can be found here.

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Prosecco Bronze Award Winner IWC 2016

International Wine Challenge 2016 Tranche 1

Today has been a wonderful day for Premier Estates Wine. The results have just been announced for tranche 1 of the International Wine Challenge 2016 and 5 Premier Estate’s varietals were winners. It’s always great to have one wine win an award, but to have 5 is just remarkable.

The role of honour is as follows:

Prosecco Extra Dry DOC- Bronze medal
Chile Sauvignon Blanc – Bronze medal
South Africa Chenin Blanc – Commendation
South Africa Pinotage – Commendation
California Chardonnay – Commendation

The International Wine Challenge (IWC) is now in its 33rd year. The IWC is accepted as the World’s finest and most meticulously judged wine competition which assesses every wine blind and judges each for its faithfulness to style, region and vintage. Throughout the rigorous judging processes, each medal-winning wine is tasted on three separate occasions by at least 10 different judges.

To be awarded five medals by the IWC is great news and a fantastic boost to the whole Premier Estates Wine team.

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