Awards Success for Premier Estates Wine

The team at Premier Estates Wine have been eagerly awaiting the results of the International Wine Challenge (IWC), Tranche 1 – 2017, and the results are in at last! Once more, the Premier Estates range came away with a great haul of 5 new awards.

Yet More Awards for Premier Estates Multi Award Winning Prosecco

This is the fourth time the Premier Estates Prosecco has won an award and this is an immense achievement given the staggering amount of competition it faces in the sparkling wine arena.
Anyone with a little interest in the wine world will have heard about the explosion in worldwide Prosecco sales and the industry has stepped up to meet customer demand in a big way. This has resulted in the arrival of hundreds of different cut price brands of Prosecco on the supermarket and off licence shelves and popping up for sale online. When competition is fierce, companies need to find a way to set their products apart from the masses and what better way to do this than enter their Prosecco product into a highly regarded and enormously prestigious competition? An award from the IWC is a seriously highly coveted commendation for any wine.

Premier Estates Wine’s Cava Sparkling Wine Sensation Triumphs Once More

The rising star that is Premier Estates sparkling Spanish Cava has once again come out on top winning its fourth award and catching up with the Premier Estates Prosecco. Wine consumers the world over have been avidly exploring sparkling wines other than Prosecco in an effort to find that balance between sweetness and dryness. Cava is an excellent slightly more acidic alternative to Prosecco. Whereas Cava tends to have more of a citrus taste and bouquet, Prosecco is usually more at the sweet apples and pears end of the fruit spectrum. As previously mentioned, the last few years have seen a huge rise in sales of sparkling wine and it’s Prosecco and Cava that top the list.

Another Award for Premier Estates Chilean Champ

The first of 3 still wines to win an award is the Premier Estates Chilean Sauvignon Blanc with medals from this year’s International Wine and Spirits Competition and the International Wine Challenge. This crisp, dry wine with its citrus and passion fruit hints is a big seller for Premier Estates Wine and there’s a very large number of regular buyers who just can’t get enough of it.

South African Rosé Wins Again

Another of the Premier Estates range that’s always so popular with the IWC experts is the South African Shiraz Rosé. This one tends to be an all year round best seller and not just a summer favourite as is the case with many rosés. It’s a real pleasure to see this one win an award from the IWC because it’s also a big office favourite that works on its own.

Awesome Australian Red

It also makes us very proud to win an award for the amazing Premier Estates Australian Shiraz as our wine production team have worked tirelessly to refine this product in order to outshine the competition. Our Shiraz is an equally wonderful accompaniment to a traditional turkey Christmas dinner or a Christmas steak alternative as many of us prefer.

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