2017 IWSC Bronze Awards


IWSC Bronze Awards For Premier Estates Wine’s Chilean and South African Wines

We are very proud indeed to announce that Premier Estates Wine’s Chilean Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc and also the South African Chenin Blanc and Pinotage, have all won Bronze Medals at the International Wine & Spirit Competition.

The International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) first ran in 1969 and takes place annually. Each year the IWSC is inundated with entries from over 80 countries worldwide. IWSC awards are very much coveted throughout the wine industry and are much revered by the world’s wine consumers. The competition takes place over two stages; a blind tasting session, involving some of the wine industry’s foremost experts, and a technical analysis of the liquid by a specialist independent laboratory. The competition is judged by over 250 specialists from all over the world. Many of these judges are Masters of Wine, some are winemakers and others are trade experts, each judging in their particular field of expertise.

Budge Dhariwal, Managing Director, says, ‘I was immensely proud when the IWSC awards were sent out and we were awarded the bronze medals for our New World Wines as I have experienced, in intimate detail, the serious effort that goes into perfecting each wine and its manufacturing method. Winning Bronze Medals for these wines is amazing and gratifying news, they have each been multi-award medal winners previously but winning further IWSC Bronze medals is a very reassuring achievement as it demonstrates the consistency of product quality in these wines. The numerous award wins over the last 4 years for the Premier Estates range will certainly ensure our wines hold the attention of a large proportion of the wine buying public who are looking for award winning wines but at a sensible and inexpensive price level.’

Budge Brands